[CLOSED] Kate Spade Pre-order Sample Sales #2

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kate Spade Sample Sales - Up to 75% off

1. To order, please contact me (email: thefashiongateway@gmail.com or SMS 9086 5250) with
a) your name
b) contact number
c) indicate item model and colour you would like to order
Full payment is required for me to process order. 
2. Due to high demand and limited inventory, orders cannot be guaranteed. Full amount will be refunded if item is out of stock.
3. Sales end on 13 November 2009 (Friday) at 11 pm - CLOSED
Note: All payments have to be transferred strictly by 11 pm. No payment = No order
4. Items expect to arrive end of November.
30 Dec - All orders collected. Successfully closed.

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